New Publication – Ancient Skies

In his first work in the Grand Mesa catalog, the composer presents a musical meditation on how Planet Earth may have looked and felt millions of years ago. The theme of this monothematic work is first presented in a dark cloak in the slow introduction, using a sinister modality and lower register woodwinds to set a somber but edgy scene. After the lengthy introduction, the piece begins to dance and sparkle, suggesting the ancient planet coming to life.

Ancient Skies Composed by Gavin Lendt. For Concert Band. Published by Grand Mesa Music Publishers. (Catalog # GMM363)

Available at Grand Mesa Music and Stanton’s Sheet Music


New Recordings

Thank you to the NorthWinds Symphonic band for sight-reading and recording these three newer works. Debbie’s Dance, Waltzing with Dragons and Ancient Skies.

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The DNA of Music

It began as an experiment. Could two composers of different styles write a work that sounds both consistent and cohesive? “Double Helix” is a work that attempts to combine two relatively similar timbres with the rich sonorities of the modern concert band. In mid 2012 Robert Langenfeld asked Gavin Lendt to study composition with him in order to prepare for graduate school.

They agreed on writing a concertino (little concerto) for solo horn, euphonium and band. The respective instruments that Gavin and Robert play. The process of writing the work involved incorporating each other’s ideas and constantly reworking the piece with constructive feedback. There are over thirty versions of the work in their shared Dropbox folder.

“Double Helix” is presented as a gift to the NorthWinds musicians in celebration for 10 years of sharing their talent with the Kansas City community.


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Hello My trio and I must say thank you because that music got us an Superior rating. So thank you so much.

Anthony G.High School Student

What a privilege it was to be in the band that premiered your piece today.It is fun to play and to listen to. And thanks for scoring the lowest note on my instrument. I hardly ever get to use it.

Brian M.New Horizons Band, Bass Clarinet

This is an ideal entry-level contest piece for middle school players. The Instrumentalist, August 2011

The InstrumentalistAugust 2011

Mr.Lendt I just wanna say thank-you for At A Moments Notice.  I really enjoyed playing it for you.

Jeremy L.High School Student